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Advertise With Us

Why should you advertise with us?

Secure Magazine is a premium, glossy publication with a focus on high quality and presentation.

  • Our magazine has a wide audience targeting security systems providers and stakeholders.
  • Our team is strong, skilled, committed and passionate and aims to inform the reader on the prevailing security issues and the emerging technologies.
  • Your advertising commitment with us will assist in maintaining and maximising your position in the marketplace.
  • We are able to offer extremely competitive advertising rates. Compare our prices to any other similar publication and you will be pleasantly surprised! We are here to promote your business in the most cost effective way and know we have the mechanism to allow this to happen.
  • 4 issues per year gives maximum exposure for advertisers. Each edition is released on the first day of each new season so it is easy for readers to remember this important date. Each magazine will be on the newsagent stands for three months to allow maximum exposure and brand presence.
  • We produce 8000+ copies per year on high quality paper. Our individual print runs will initially be 2,000 copies request per issue and readership will be many multiples of this figure. This impressive readership will be due to the distribution methods, large area covered and long life span of the magazine.
  • Secure Magazine is distributed to over so many newsagents and selected retail outlets within the the region and in the bordering regions.
  • While the magazine reaches a widespread audience, the focus of the content remains loyal to the security issues.
  • As well as consistent distribution to newsagencies and retail outlets, unsold magazines are distributed to cafes, health waiting rooms, quality hotels/motels, bed and breakfast establishments, hair and beauty salons and tourist outlets.
  • Complimentary copies of the magazine are given to guests at regional events and promotions. Our team seeks ways to work closely with local council and exhibitors.
  • We are continually pursuing new opportunities to broaden our audience and make mutually beneficial links with regional bodies whose aim it is to elevate the profile of the Secure Magazine
  • There is no extra charge for designing your first advertisement. Our photographers can take complimentary photos of your business to be used for the advertising and your ad will be personally created by our own graphic designers. However, you also have the option of utilising current advertising material that has been used recently to promote your business.


distribution_mapThis map highlights the full extent of the Secure Magazine region and also shows some adjoining regions where distribution will occur.

Our magazine distribution will extend further into other regions and a list of centres where magazines will be distributed is available from the publisher on request.







Material Specifications

Artwork Design Process

If you don’t have your own artwork, we provide a free design and photography service for your first advertisement.

  • Please submit your completed booking form to us.
  • Email: and copy
  • Our graphic designer will be in contact with you promptly after your booking is confirmed to request your content. (You are also welcome to submit your content, images and instructions and copy
  • Format of your material: Typed email text or Microsoft Word format preferred for content/information, images to be supplied as high resolution JPEG files (images embedded in a Microsoft Word file or similar format will not be accepted).
  • Please liaise with our graphic designer should you wish to use our photography service to schedule a time.
  • We also offer a stock photography purchase service for your convenience, please enquire with our graphic designer.
  • Future minor changes to your artwork are provided free of charge (substantial artwork changes will be charged at an hourly design rate). Please email to request future changes.

Print Ready Artwork

We welcome advertising artwork provided by clients, prepared to our specifications below.

Finished artwork to be emailed to

PDF preferred (other formats may be accepted, but will not include Word or Publisher files).

Files should be saved as CMYK colour format, all fonts outlined and artwork flattened.

Where a bleed is required (full page only), artwork should also include a 10mm ‘safe area’ to allow for page gutter.

Magazine Specifications

Full Page: 320mm (h) x 240mm (w) Plus bleed: 5mm

Half Page: 145mm (h) x 216mm (w) No bleed

Third Page: 94mm (h) x 216mm (w) No bleed

Quarter Page Vertical: 145mm (h) x 105mm (w) No bleed

Quarter Page Horizontal: 70mm (h) x 216mm (w) No bleed

Eighth Page: 70mm (h) x 105mm (w) No bleed



Terms and Conditions of Advertising

General Terms

  • Advertising accepted for publication in Secure Magazine is subject to the conditions set out here and the rules applicable to advertising policies in the region. All advertisements placed in Secure Magazine are subject to the Publisher’s approval and the Publisher may, refuse to accept an advertisement for publication if it believes the advertisement may infringe the rights of any individual or may not comply with all laws and regulations of the States and Territories.
  • The Publisher accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss due to the failure of an advertisement to appear according to instructions. The positioning or placing of an advertisement within the accepted classification is at the discretion of Secure Magazine except where specifically instructed and agreed upon by the Publisher.
  • Secure Magazine Limited reserves the right to promote advertisers in editorial format at Secure Magazine’s own discretion.
  • All photography and editorial copy for editorial and advertorial purposes remains the property of Secure Magazine Limited
  • All photography and editorial copy can be purchased from Secure Magazine Limited at standard advertising rates provided by the publisher.


  • Advertisements cancelled before the booking deadline will incur no penalty.
  • Advertisements cancelled on or after the booking deadline will be liable for 50% of the full amount agreed upon.

Rates & Credit Terms

  • Rates are as per our booking form and 50% payment for first and subsequent advertisements with Secure Magazine is to be made on receipt of invoice from Secure Magazine Limited prior to magazine publication. Payment is to be made within 7 days from date of invoice in order to secure the advertising space in the magazine.
  • The remaining 50% payment is to be made to Secure Magazine upon publication of the magazine and receipt of a PDF file page containing the said advertisement. Payment at this stage is required in 14 days.
  • If booking for multiple issues, a monthly easy payment option is available via installments.
  • If booking for multiple issues, and paying per edition, initial deposit is due as per above terms, further deposits will be invoiced at booking deadline for each future edition.


  • The publisher assumes that supplied/finished artwork is made to mechanical specifications as set out in the advertising proposal.
  • Secure Magazine is not held responsible for colour matching. Please note that with different paper stocks, colours may vary in printing. This is a process that is unavoidable and Secure Magazine will not be held accountable for any colour variations.

Rights of the Publisher

  • The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement. All advertisements are accepted subject to the Publisher’s approval, without prejudice, in every respect with regard to material, layout or otherwise and may be modified or altered at the Publisher’s discretion if the material supplied is not in accordance with the mechanical specifications.
  • The Publisher takes no responsibility for incorrect placement of material provided by the Advertiser that is not accompanied by specific material instructions. The cost to the Publisher of making good any such material shall be paid by the Advertiser to the Publisher on demand.
  • The Publisher shall not be responsible for any loss or damage consequent to the failure of an advertisement to appear in accordance with the instruction given by the Advertiser.
  • All advertising material must be supplied to the Publisher in accordance with the mechanical specifications by the Advertising Deadline. If material is not supplied by the Advertising Deadline, the Publisher reserves the right to repeat the most recent material. Alternatively, the Advertiser or his agent will be charged for the advertising space as contracted and the space will be filled at the Publisher’s discretion.

Indemnity & Warranty

  • The advertiser agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Secure Magazine Limited in respect of all liabilities, losses, damages, costs or expenses whatsoever in relation to any claim, demand, action, suit or proceeding whatsoever brought by any third party arising out of in connection with any material published by Secure Magazine on behalf of the advertiser.
  • The advertiser warrants to Secure Magazine Limited that all advertising material and information to be submitted at or on behalf of the advertiser is such that its publication will not infringe the provision of any law or statute and will not give rise to any claim or right of action whatsoever against Secure Magazine Limited, whether at common law or statute.