Terms and Conditions of Advertising

Terms and Conditions of Advertising

General Terms

  • Advertising accepted for publication in Secure Magazine is subject to the conditions set out here and the rules applicable to advertising policies in the region. All advertisements placed in Secure Magazine are subject to the Publisher’s approval and the Publisher may, refuse to accept an advertisement for publication if it believes the advertisement may infringe the rights of any individual or may not comply with all laws and regulations of the States and Territories.
  • The Publisher accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss due to the failure of an advertisement to appear according to instructions. The positioning or placing of an advertisement within the accepted classification is at the discretion of Secure Magazine except where specifically instructed and agreed upon by the Publisher.
  • Secure Magazine Limited reserves the right to promote advertisers in the editorial format at Secure Magazine’s own discretion.
  • All photography and editorial copy for editorial and advertorial purposes remains the property of Secure Magazine Limited
  • All photography and editorial copy can be purchased from Secure Magazine Limited at standard advertising rates provided by the publisher.



  • Advertisements cancelled before the booking deadline will incur no penalty.
  • Advertisements cancelled on or after the booking deadline will be liable for 50% of the full amount agreed upon.


Rates & Credit Terms

  • Rates are as per our booking form and 50% payment for first and subsequent advertisements with Secure Magazine is to be made on receipt of the invoice from Secure Magazine Limited prior to magazine publication. Payment is to be made within 7 days from the date of invoice in order to secure the advertising space in the magazine.
  • The remaining 50% payment is to be made to Secure Magazine upon publication of the magazine and receipt of a PDF file page containing the said advertisement. Payment at this stage is required in 14 days.
  • If booking for multiple issues, a monthly easy payment option is available via installments.
  • If booking for multiple issues, and paying per edition, the initial deposit is due as per above terms, further deposits will be invoiced at booking deadline for each future edition.



  • The publisher assumes that supplied/finished artwork is made to mechanical specifications as set out in the advertising proposal.
  • Secure Magazine is not held responsible for colour matching. Please note that with different paper stocks, colours may vary in printing. This is a process that is unavoidable and Secure Magazine will not be held accountable for any colour variations.


Rights of the Publisher

  • The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement. All advertisements are accepted subject to the Publisher’s approval, without prejudice, in every respect with regard to material, layout or otherwise and may be modified or altered at the Publisher’s discretion if the material supplied is not in accordance with the mechanical specifications.
  • The Publisher takes no responsibility for incorrect placement of material provided by the Advertiser that is not accompanied by specific material instructions. The cost to the Publisher of making good any such material shall be paid by the Advertiser to the Publisher on demand.
  • The Publisher shall not be responsible for any loss or damage consequent to the failure of an advertisement to appear in accordance with the instruction given by the Advertiser.
  • All advertising material must be supplied to the Publisher in accordance with the mechanical specifications by the Advertising Deadline. If material is not supplied by the Advertising Deadline, the Publisher reserves the right to repeat the most recent material. Alternatively, the Advertiser or his agent will be charged for the advertising space as contracted and the space will be filled at the Publisher’s discretion.


Indemnity & Warranty

  • The advertiser agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Secure Magazine Limited in respect of all liabilities, losses, damages, costs or expenses whatsoever in relation to any claim, demand, action, suit or proceeding whatsoever brought by any third party arising out of in connection with any material published by Secure Magazine on behalf of the advertiser.
  • The advertiser warrants to Secure Magazine Limited that all advertising material and information to be submitted at or on behalf of the advertiser is such that its publication will not infringe the provision of any law or statute and will not give rise to any claim or right of action whatsoever against Secure Magazine Limited, whether at common law or statute.