Why should you advertise with us?

Secure Magazine is a premium glossy publication with a focus on high quality and presentation.

  • Our magazine has a wide audience targeting security systems providers and stakeholders.
  • Our team is strong, skilled, committed and passionate and aims to inform the reader on the prevailing security issues and the emerging technologies.
  • Your advertising commitment with us will assist in maintaining and maximising your position in the marketplace.
  • We are able to offer extremely competitive advertising rates. Compare our prices to any other similar publication and you will be pleasantly surprised! We are here to promote your business in the most cost effective way and know we have the mechanism to allow this to happen.
  • 4 issues per year gives maximum exposure for advertisers. Each edition is released on the first day of each new season so it is easy for readers to remember this important date. Each magazine will be on the newsagent stands for three months to allow maximum exposure and brand presence.
  • We produce 8000+ copies per year on high quality paper. Our individual print runs will initially be 2,000 copies request per issue and readership will be many multiples of this figure. This impressive readership will be due to the distribution methods, large area covered and long life span of the magazine.
  • Secure Magazine is distributed to over so many newsagents and selected retail outlets within the the region and in the bordering regions.
  • While the magazine reaches a widespread audience, the focus of the content remains loyal to the security issues.
  • As well as consistent distribution to newsagencies and retail outlets, unsold magazines are distributed to cafes, health waiting rooms, quality hotels/motels, bed and breakfast establishments, hair and beauty salons and tourist outlets.
  • Complimentary copies of the magazine are given to guests at regional events and promotions. Our team seeks ways to work closely with local council and exhibitors.
  • We are continually pursuing new opportunities to broaden our audience and make mutually beneficial links with regional bodies whose aim it is to elevate the profile of the Secure Magazine
  • There is no extra charge for designing your first advertisement. Our photographers can take complimentary photos of your business to be used for the advertising and your ad will be personally created by our own graphic designers. However, you also have the option of utilising current advertising material that has been used recently to promote your business.




This map highlights the full extent of the Secure Magazine region and also shows some adjoining regions where distribution will occur.

Our magazine distribution will extend further into other regions and a list of centres where magazines will be distributed is available from the publisher on request.