Intelligent CCTV: How Deep Learning Algorithms are Influencing The Next Generation of CCTV For Better

Artificial intelligence uses deep learning algorithms to analyse the image from surveillance video to distinguish humans, animals, vehicles, and general moving objects. A surveillance camera can be programmed in such a way that it defines a restricted area. In an event a person accesses the restricted area, it should raise an alarm or sent notification. The algorithm is trained to differentiate
humans from anything else that could access the area, this allows for accuracy and eliminates false alarms.
Number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) use artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and capture the vehicle number plate. The camera can be programmed to send an alert in case it
captures a vehicle number plate that is not allowed to access the parking lot either because it is not resisted or it was flagged due to security reasons. Smart parking ANPR cameras are integrated with
boom barriers to automatically allow authorized vehicles.

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