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Flexible Security, Environmental Sustainability

As the digital world rapidly grows, the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks increases. As a result, businesses must adopt a security mindset and focus on building a robust defence. In addition, with the enforcement of the Kenya Data Privacy Law of 2019, companies must pay special attention to how they are using personal data and, more importantly, how they are protecting it. Implementing a few security pillars will get your company on track and ensure your employees understand their role in protecting data.

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Perception of Women In Security

For many years, service in the military or law enforcement has been the steppingstone to a security career and the typical service member or police officer was male. Today, more women are serving in those professions, and anyone is entering security as a first career, without prior military or police service.

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Emerging Cybersecurity Concerns for Real Estate Companies

The controversies surrounding the acquisition and ownership of the Embakasi Ranching Property brought to the fore the importance of maintaining integrity of data in any company, and more importantly for real estate companies because of the emotive and permanent nature of land and landed property. Some of the plots were said to have been allocated to more than three different people. It took the intervention of Faridah Karoney, the Lands Cabinet Secretary, to bring some light to the matter, albeit for a short period. The cleanliness of the register is still in doubt, with some of the ‘members’ accusing the authorities of listing fraudsters to benefit from the titling process. Whether this will end the decades of misery of the real owners of the 24,000 acres is a matter that the 3500 shareholders and the public in general, will have to wait and see how it pans out.

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Smartphone Security: An Overview of Emerging Threats

There are a number of threats to the smartphones which arise through the use of mobile operating system. Even as technology keeps on advancing, malicious software sector is growing in the same area and structure too. The smartphones security threats are mainly classified in three categories; Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks.

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Security in ICT

Kenya sits on a great potential resource, that is the exposure to mobile technology. Nairobi for example is Africa’s most successful ICT hub by growth when compared to south Africa. Mobile phones in this country are almost ubiquitous with a stunning 82% of Kenyans owning a mobile phone. Of this,19% i.e. :8 million Kenyans are estimated to own smartphones with access to mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. Can Mobile Applications once used for chatting posting music and entertainment be used to
solve the serious cases of crime. We at Usalama Technology believe that it is not only possible to do this but it is possible to secure every Kenyan with a mobile phone.”Utumishi kwa wote ” becomes “Usalama kwa Wote”.

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