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Solar-powered Stand-alone Security Solutions

Using the Hikvision solution, remote sites and operations can boost their security quickly, easily, and at low cost. With no need for a fixed network or power supply, and simple installation that can be carried out by just one person, the solution can be rolled out in hours – with very little need for ongoing maintenance or support.
A single person can install the solution at remote sites, making the process fast, easy, and cost-effective, thanks to its lightweight design. The pole mounted unit weighs just 14 kg, and there are no complex cables to connect – further reducing deployment time and complexity. This speed and ease of deployment significantly lowers barriers for remote sites and operations looking to boost their security. It is also a major reason why it is the ideal choice for temporary sites such as construction sites and road maintenance sites.

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AcuSense solutions

AcuSense compliments your conventional sensor based alarm system through the use of cameras
with advantages such as real-time surveillance, data analysis around the events of the alarm signals as well as providing reliable data that can be used to enforce law.
Hikvision’s AcuSense solutions give you the touch of intelligence in your security systems. The solution guarantees you of definite accuracy in sensing security hardware with the help of deep
learning algorithms. You are able to distinguish different alarm signals thus eliminating false signals. With this solution you are able to differentiate between cars and humans from other small
animals that may cause a trigger.
Further, the solution is a great deal in on-site response as well as deterrent tactics. Sorting is in
another level all together. The beauty is that Secure Digital Limited (SDL) brings this
solution home at the most affordable rates.

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Emerging Cybersecurity Concerns for Real Estate Companies

The controversies surrounding the acquisition and ownership of the Embakasi Ranching Property brought to the fore the importance of maintaining integrity of data in any company, and more importantly for real estate companies because of the emotive and permanent nature of land and landed property. Some of the plots were said to have been allocated to more than three different people. It took the intervention of Faridah Karoney, the Lands Cabinet Secretary, to bring some light to the matter, albeit for a short period. The cleanliness of the register is still in doubt, with some of the ‘members’ accusing the authorities of listing fraudsters to benefit from the titling process. Whether this will end the decades of misery of the real owners of the 24,000 acres is a matter that the 3500 shareholders and the public in general, will have to wait and see how it pans out.

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Smartphone Security: An Overview of Emerging Threats

There are a number of threats to the smartphones which arise through the use of mobile operating system. Even as technology keeps on advancing, malicious software sector is growing in the same area and structure too. The smartphones security threats are mainly classified in three categories; Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks.

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Cost of Data Breach; Focus on Facebook Data Harvesting

People are getting used to the convenience and ease social platforms come with and in this specific scenario, Facebook. This is not a platform where you only get wind of the latest gossip, catch up with friends and post your memos but it has evolved to become a business hub for employees and employers to link, salespeople to connect with clients and business relationships to be born and cemented. As more personal and vital information is exchanged on the site, there is the need to protect accounts from hackers. Data breach is the intentional or accidental leak of private information or data into the wrong hands. When this happens, what is the cost?

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