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Thermal CCTV Cameras and Their Application

There are two types of thermal cameras namely cooled and uncooled cameras. Cooled thermal cameras use sensors that are cooled. This rules out the aspect of the camera detecting its own emissions. Further it increases the detection of emissions at a longer distance than the uncooled sensors. Cooled cameras are also sensitive to small temperature changes which normally affect the threat detections.

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Is Site Survey Necessary Before Buying CCTV Systems?

A site survey will help you determine where and at what angle to position which camera. Depending on the area and activities one wants to cover on the site, one would decide to have the cameras positioned at particular angles and positions for effectiveness. On the contrary, if you just assume that a particular site is similar to the other, you might mess up and your system will not be effective. Focusing and zooming should also be put into consideration while choosing the type of camera, positioning and angle.

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Emotional Intelligence Vs Personal Security

This psychological irony is due to how we interact with the immediate environment and how much we appreciate Emotional Intelligence Vs Personal Security it. To fathom the tricks behind feeling secure one needs to acquire adequate intimacy with the world around them.
Sociology teaches us that how we engage ourselves in the community has a counter effect on us. If we have a positive approach towards the world around, we in turn benefit. The contrary is likewise true without a doubt. The perception of security is trust. Mutual trust gives
birth to peaceful coexistence. Mistrust breeds aggressive reactions that consequently materialize as potential risk.
Risk potentially causes subconscious precaution towards the felt dangers whether actual or illusion. Sometimes if this escalates to higher levels sustained for long periods of time it could eventually lead to a reaction without much questioning. People naturally act or react based on either
logical or emotional introspective analysis of data around. Emotional reaction though unreliably contributes as the greater focal point of human activity.

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Doing Security Audit for your Business

A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the security of a company’s systems by measuring how well they conforms to a set of established criteria. A thorough audit typically assesses the security of the system’s physical configuration and environment, software, information handling processes, and user practices. Security audit is a manual or systematic measurable technical assessment of the systems and processes. Manual assessments include interviewing staff, performing security vulnerability.
Doing a Security Audit for Your Business scans, reviewing application and operating system access
controls, and analysing physical access to the systems. It involves the examination of the practices, procedures, technical controls, personnel, and other resources that are within organization. A
Security Auditor probes the safety and effectiveness of your organization’s systems and their related security components.
After conducting a security audit, you should be issued with a detailed report that outlines the effectiveness of your systems, explanation of any security issues and suggested changes and

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Security in ICT

Kenya sits on a great potential resource, that is the exposure to mobile technology. Nairobi for example is Africa’s most successful ICT hub by growth when compared to south Africa. Mobile phones in this country are almost ubiquitous with a stunning 82% of Kenyans owning a mobile phone. Of this,19% i.e. :8 million Kenyans are estimated to own smartphones with access to mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. Can Mobile Applications once used for chatting posting music and entertainment be used to
solve the serious cases of crime. We at Usalama Technology believe that it is not only possible to do this but it is possible to secure every Kenyan with a mobile phone.”Utumishi kwa wote ” becomes “Usalama kwa Wote”.

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